Engagement in RRSS: What is it and how to improve it

Who hasn’t met a friend and Engagement in hey were answering WhatsApp messages all the time and had to say: “Dude, are you meeting me or your cell phone”? It’s not our friend’s fault, it’s ours. And why do I say this? Because we are not getting his engagement and his mobile is. We all spend our lives seeking the engagement of those around us.

In a meeting with our partner friends at work Engagement in

Even if we are not Engagement in aware of it. What is  top industry data on social networks? But what is  ? (what a obsession we in online marketing have with giving everything strange names). is, in social networks, the fact of achieving commitment with our community of users. It is about ensuring that there is an “emotional” connection with our communication. In short, that the fans/followers of our brand/product/company interact with our content.

A qualitative piece of social media analytics data

Perhaps the most important, that needs to be Email Data measured and analyzed in order to know how we are managing our social networks. It tells us the “quality” of our fans. Much more relevant than the number, which is only quantitative data. What good is having a large number of fans if they never react to any impulse? In social media, and specifically on Facebook, if we get our users to respond with a “like”, good; If they make a comment, the better; and if we get them to share our content, all the better.

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