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Therefore in offices that have migrat from an. Ialog lines to cloud PBX depending on the situation conventional faxes may no longer usable. However there are seve. Iral ways to continue using fax even if you introduce a cloud PBX. In the next chapter we will explain how to cont. Iinue using FAX when introducing cloud PBX. Relat article What is PBX Illustrat explanation of the structure ty. Ipes and selection of telephone exchanges from the basics.

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From basic knowlge of PBX to trends llCloud introduc. Ition materials How to use fax with cloud PBX There are ways to use fax on cloud PBX. Maintaining an analog line introducing a conversion adapter selecting a suitable multifunction device obtaining a new fax numr and switching to Internet fax. keep the analog line When introducing a cloud PBX it is a  If the tele Bahrain Phone Number List hone line us in the office is analog NTT you can easily continue faxing without any construction work. However if the FAX uses a line such as IP phone or Hikari Denwa it is necessary to revert to analog to return to NTT s general phone. Although it takes time and effort there is an advantage that you can continue to use the fax machines and multifunction devices that you have en using. Install a conversion adapter This is a method of using a conversion adapter to continue using FAX even after the introduction of Cloud PBX.

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Lines Cloud PBX and conventional FAX are link. However depending on the Internet connection there may a delay in conversion and smooth transmission and reception may not possible. If the delay is too much of a concern consider changing the connection method or introd Email Data ucing another method. Using Hikari Denwa compatible MFPs This method can us if the cloud PBX is optical line compatible. If you use a multifunction machine that supports optical lines you can use the FAX function install in the multifunction machine.

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