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Ruction in company profitability Of course, with the ruction in competitiveness in the market, the difficulty of standing out from the competition and attracting more customers, the company’s profitability also falls. A sustainable business nes to maintain recurring growth and always be up to date with market developments in order to transform its reality into something more profitable and profitable. Digital Marketing Tips What are the worst Digital Marketing mistakes? Marketing strategies can bring many benefits. However, to reap these fruits, you ne to pay maximum attention to every detail.

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Are you doing everything right or do you ne to . Review some things? See what are the .Most common mistakes made by companies. Not knowing your persona; not setting goals; choosing inappropriate strategies; not knowing your business nes; not knowing the seasonality of your company; ignore the ne to retain your consumer; not using appropriate language to communicate; take specific actions and not invest in new database recurrence; have a very heavy website that takes time to load; not writing articles; not worrying about varying the format of the content; not worrying about ucating the marke.

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Digital Marketing expenses . And the number of customers; Monthly . Recurring Revenue (MRR): allows you to visualize your company’s growth in .Terms of revenue; Cost Per Acquisition: responsible for lead generation, it is the sum of Email Data expenses and contacts acquir .within a period of time. Cost Per Lead: is responsible . For evaluating the expenses you have to generate a new lead.

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