YouTube a social network launched in February 2005, is the platform where users can upload and share their videos. It is increasingly common for companies, in their social media strategy, to use this tool to improve their visibility or generate qualified traffic to their page. But to achieve these objectives it is necessary to learn how to improve the SEO positioning of videos on YouTube. We explain Guide to optimize how to do it in this article written by Noemí Alonso. According to the 2017 IAB social media study, YouTube is the third most used social network, only behind Facebook and Twitter. In addition, it is the second best rated by users, and we dedicate, on average, 3 hours a week to it. Furthermore, video marketing is very attractive to users and complements information in text format very well, in addition to

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A good instrument to viralize content. Videos usually cause us a reaction, a feeling, when these feelings are positive, we tend to share it more easily. Generates company data interest: Through a video we can awaken interest in our product, service or our brand, which otherwise the user would not have felt that attraction. Interaction: Another advantage of videos is that it is a material that generates interaction with users. With this we can have feedback , which is very important to know the opinions of the users.

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Video Marketing What is it? Video marketing is a digital marketing tool where video is used as a means to transmit our information, ideas, show a product or service… A much more attractive format for users than others such as infographics, postcasts or written articles. video marketingAdvantages of video marketing: Attraction: Video is a very attractive tool, since it captures the attention Email Data of users more easily. Multimedia content has the ability to hook the user much more and retain them. A video will always generate more attraction than written content since we also have to make less effort, because we must admit, we like easy things, and reading requires more effort than watching a video. Expand the information. Thanks to the video we can expand the information and rely on it.

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