Which the customer connects with the company.

By the customer (the insurer is aware of these preferences thanks to the digital traces that the user left every time he interacted with the company’s touchpoints) . The video can be distributed via email, via a link on an instant messaging app. Such as Whatsapp or Telegram or through a post on. The social network usually used by the insured to contact the insurance company. Distribution therefore takes place omnichannel. A digital communication system that is divided into multiple channels. Allows all people in the insurance agency, from the agent in charge of following the case to. The help desk operator, to have a complete and updated view of the various touchpoints through.

CCM, mini sites, personalized videos

This means that when an insured person has a need, such as in the case of an accident. He does not have to explain every time via email, telephone or social media. In the case of claims management processes, a reliable Customer Communications Management Canada Mobile Number Database (CCM). System offers a fluid and frictionless document experience. A CCM with advanced features, such as that of Doxee. Allows the sending of customized communications in different formats through a variety of channels and platforms, guaranteeing policyholders the timely delivery of updated documents. Through CCM, insurers can create and distribute personalized, engaging communications, such as informative videos and responsive mini-sites, improving understanding of complex information.

By prioritizing digital communication,

Insurers not only streamline the flow of information, but also improve the customer experience, driving transparency and strengthening trust throughout Albania Phone Number List the insurance journey. Doxee’s Customer Communications allows telcos to simplify the sending of the offer document and attached contracts, to track customers’ customer journeys, and to automatically generate and send personalized offers in less time. Able to orchestrate traditional communication processes based on the paper cycle and natively digital ones, Doxee’s CCM for the telco sector has established itself as a formidable accelerator of the digital transformation strategy of communication processes, to the full advantage of operational efficiency and of sustainability.

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