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Here I will explain the points for creating each talk. openi. Ing talk An opening talk is something that corresponds to the ginning of a conversation such as greetings and self introductions. Since it is a very important element that conveys the first impression to the other person try to speak cle. Iarly and clearly and respond politely. Assuming that the opening talk will greeting self introduction and grasping i. In that order create an example sentence like the one low.

Greetings Thank you for calling I m sorry I m busy

Self introduction I m XX in charge of the call center at XX Co. Ltd. My name is XX from XX Co. Ltd. Grab Thank you for purchasing our product the other day. I am contacting you about  oday. gin with a greeting like this and then concisely convey the requirements of the m Germany Phone Numr List ain talk. As a general rule a long talk leaves a bad impression on your customers.  the time of the other person and try to clearly as possible. main talk In the main talk we will enter the requirements of the main subject. What you should careful about here is that you should listen to what the other person has to say rather than unilaterally communicating. In inbound it is in the form of answering questions from the other party so it is important to convey empathy by appropriate responses while listening to the other party.

list of phone numbers

If it is a simple inquiry you can check

It as it is and lead to a solution but there are also irregular inquiries such as complaints. Listening and empathy are especially important here. For outbound we call the customer so suggestions are key. By proactively making attractive and easy to understand propo Email Data sals for the other party such as You are using the service of XX there is a proposal that can us at a lower price so that the caller does not hang up in the middle. increase. closing talk We do not lose sight of customer service until the very end.

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